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Nafplio or Nafplion is a sea side city and one of the most beautiful cities of Greece. It was the first capital of the Hellenic Republic from 1827-1834. It is situated on the south east side of the Peloponnese, and the north Argolic gulf only 10 km away from the famous sea side resort Tolo.

                   According to the myth the city was named after its fonder ‘Nafplio’,  the son of god Poseidon and Amymoni. During the ancient times Nafplio lived under the shadow of mighty city Argos, and was used as a port station. During the Byzantean  era Nafplio starts to grow as a trading center. The years that follow the city falls under the occupation of many conquerors, as the Franks, Venetians, Ottomans, Venetians again, Ottomans again and finally became Greek on the 30th of November 1822 after months of siege by a surprise attack. The castle fell in to Greek hands , with there leader known as Staikos Staikopoulos.

On sep. 1831 the Greece’s first governor ‘ Ioannis Kapodistrias’ was assassinated. 16 months later on the 25th of January 1833 the Nafplians greeted there first king Otto, which was present for a short time until 1834.The capital of the Greek state transferred to Athens, and since than Nafplio is known as a historic and beautiful city of the Greek suburb.

Nafplio is built on the foot and between two forts, Acronafplia and Palamydi. The old part of the town is maintained its new classical style through the years, and takes the visitors mind many years back in the past. The rich history of the town with the forts, castle, monuments, museums,alleys, Bourtzi fortress, and landmarks give Nafplio a special touch which passes on to the guest,  and remains in their hearts

A walk  through the alleys of Nafplio will reveal unique shops, taverns, bars, and idyllic locations. Beaches for swimming are provided nearby at Arvanitia and Karathona.

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