On the beach of Tolo you can enjoy water sports. Water skiing, windsurfing, jet ski, scuba diving, water bicycle, banana boat rides. There is a great deal to do in Tolo and the surrounding areas. Try watersports such as sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing or scuba diving, rent a motorised boat, go fishing, go on a barbeque or hire a pedalo.
tolo greece activities
tolo greece activities


On the beach of Nea Kios next to Nafplio in Argolida, you can take lessons with certified teachers Kite surfing. First course for people who don΄t have much time its only 1:30hours. Experienced Kite surfers will love the shallow waters, the constant daily thermal winds throughout the summer.
Information: 5 klm. Nafpliou-N. Kiou, Argolida, Greece


At Tolo there is a modern Diving Center – Diving school that offers recreational and professional diving. Explores the Sea of Tolo and nearby islands and enjoy a unique experience. The bay of Tolo is a new destination for divers, and these magical waters offer a wonderful selection of beautiful dive spots, colourful sea life, ship wrecks, caves, and many other unique underwater settings where you can explore and enjoy an alternative side to Greece. The professional diving centre, offers a wide variety of scuba diving courses, lessons and excursions.
tolo greece activities
tolo greece activities


Horses and riding are identical with true friendship, speed and beauty, but above all with freedom. The use of the horse as a mean of transport, as an assistant in agricultural work or the war is lost in the mists of time. The horse, with its exceptional sense and incredible wit, has always been a faithful companion of man and this relationship remains strong throughout the years.


Easter is one of the nicest periods to be in Tolo for a couple of reasons. First of all even if you are not a devout Christian you can’t help but be moved by the ceremonies and the way life begins again on Easter Sunday after winter and 40 days of fasting. If you go to the countryside or to the islands wildflowers are in bloom and the hillsides that are usually parched brown in the summer are green from the winter rains. You can’t even imagine the fields of flowers and the way life seems to be popping and sprouting up from every crack and crevice. The week of Easter begins on Palm Sunday and there are church services everyday commemorating the last week in the life of Jesus Christ. 
tolo greece activities - easter in tolo